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Coal Handling System !
Viswakirti specializes complete Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection, Testing and commissioning of COAL HANDLING SYSTEM which finds its usage in coal based Theraml power plants and coal Handling Plants for transferring COAL from unloading Hoppers Point (through bucket elevators/belt conveyors) to Boiler Bunkers point ( Includes Stock yard points) as per customer requirements.
Coal Handling System generally consist of Feed Hoppers, Rack and pinion Gates, Flap Gates, Electromagnetic / Electromechanical Vibro feeders, Feed Belt conveyors, Magnetic Seperators,  Metal Detectors, Vibrating Screens, Crushers, Recycle Bucket Elevators / Recycle Belt Conveyors, product Bucket, Elevators / product Belt Conveyors, Shuttle Conveyors, Drag chain Conveyors, Drag Chain Conveyors, Storage Bunkers, Belt Weigher,  Dust Extraction & ventilation, Dust Supression System, Travelling Tripper etc.
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