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Bucket Elevators !
Viswakirti Bucket Elevators are made to a high quality standard design based on CEMA/IS standards.
Bucket Elevator consists of a series of uniformly fed buckets mounted on an endless chain or belt which operates overhead and foot wheels. The buckets are used to elevate (usually vertically) pulverized , granular , or lumpy materials.
Casings are fabricated from MS sheets & liberally stiffened to give added load carrying capacity and true alignment. Chains are normally used for elevators with heavier duties, high capacities and lifts.
Belts are recommended for handling free flowing materials as also for corrosive materials while pin and Bush type chain is normally used. Link Chain & U-Bolt combination is provided on heavy-duty elevators depending on the applications.
The materials is received at the boot, raised and then discharged by passing overhead wheel at the top, into a discharge chute.
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